kassaiya chimaki



What is the best way of cooking for each vegetables? What ingredients go well together? What seasonings match well? We break stereotype and keep trying new methods to make menus, you will have unexpected encounters.
"Vegetable only tantan noodles with vegetable dashi and paste" is one of the unexpected menus. A popular menu with more than 10 vegetables dashi and another 10 kinds of vegetables and soybeans meat based meat miso.
This is a menu we made with our effort. We hope you to be full with a surprise and real taste of vegetables.

1.Seasonal vegetables 2. Domestic vegetables
Our vegetables are selected with those two points. Sometimes, we visit directly to the farm and provide fresh ingredients at our restaurant.


活菜やちまき-ちまき特製 芋菜サラダ

Chimaki special potato salad 979 yen

Everyone gets surprised when they first see it. Of course, this is a potato salad. We season differently by each ingredients. You can't find this type of potato salad anywhere else.

活菜やちまき-季節野菜のちまき風 和風  具羅堪

Seasonal vegetables chimaki style Japanese gratin 880 yen

Our main menu gratin is cooked without cheese and cream sauce that everyone does not believe thi is a gratin at first sight. Topping on top is grated yam and kombu. Ingredients of gratin and sometimes Fruit change by season.


Located in neon street of Showa era, with Japanese wooden style entrance.


Entrance might look small, but inside the restaurant is shaped rectangular and designed simply



kassaiya chimaki

Address 1-38-1 Omorikita, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Phone Number 03-6673-4980
Opening hours
Hours : Mon-Fri: 5:30PM-8PM (L.O. 7PM) Sat/public holidays: 5PM-8PM (L.O. 7PM)
Closed :
Price Range
Dinner / person : About 3,500 yen
Access JR Omori Station 5minutes walk from East Exit
URL http://chimaki.ne.jp/weblog/ https://www.facebook.com/chimaki.yasai/