100% vegan bakery cafe☆
Sister store of ”Alaska zwei”. (Click here for Alaska zwei)
Freshly baked bread with plenty of seasonal Fruit and vegetables.
You can enjoy and relax with the taste of season.
*Menu is changing by daily and season.



Meal features

  • Chemical seasoning free
  • Five pungent roots free


  • All menu vegan compatible

How to order

  • Counter Order / Counter Receiving
  • Take-out


  • Credit card : Yes
  • Electronic money : No
  • Multilingual : Yes:English
  • Translator : No


Universal Bakes and Cafe-sandwich

Filling sandwich with white bread buns and original deli.

*Avocado&seasonal vegetable sandwich
Carrot rapees, avocado and roasted walnut
*Cream potato&sweet and sour burdock sandwich
Smooth potato cream and fried sweet and sour burdock with accent of Japanese shiso (perilla)
*Tartar croquette sandwich
Tartar croquette with original sour tartar sauce

Universal Bakes and Cafe-French toast

French toast

Koji (malted rice) white bread dipped in coconut appareil is baked after each order.
Topped ice cream is vegan as well.

Universal Bakes and Cafe-Melon-shaped bread

Melon-shaped bread

Soft bread and coconut sable biscuit melts in your mouth.
A little bit of salty flavor makes it better.

Seasonal ajillo

Our specialty campagne blanc baked with original genovese and vegetables.

Dainagon Azuki bean baguette

Aroma and taste of baguette and sweet and slightly salted flavor of Dainagon azuki.

Macadamia cream&bitter chocolate

Small size baguette with macadamia cream paste and fragrant bitter chocolate.
Luxurious flavor of macadamia nuts, natural sweetness and aroma of cacao. Acquired taste.

Universal Bakes and Cafe(ユニバーサル ベイクスアンドカフェ)-外観
Universal Bakes and Cafe(ユニバーサル ベイクスアンドカフェ)-店内の様子


Universal Bakes and Cafe(ユニバーサル ベイクスアンドカフェ)-外観

Universal Bakes and Cafe

Address 5-9-1 Daita, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Phone Number 03-6335-4972
Opening hours
Hours : 8:30 AM-6PM
Closed : Mondays, Tuesdays
Price Range
Dinner / person : About 1,000 yen
Lunch / person : About 1,000 yen
Access Setagaya-Daita Station on the Odakyu Line 1 minute walk
Parking No
Multilingual menu Yes:English