Ramen for vegetarians?


Ramen is extremely popular not only among local Japanese, but with foreigners living in Japan, as well as tourists.

Variety of flavor 

Today, in addition to the classical tastes, such as soy sauce, miso, and salt, ramen using pork bones, chicken bones, and seafood-based soups such as dried sardines, is also popular. It has become a popular dish with a wide variety of dishes,even topping ingredients vary from store to store, that shows the specialty and uniqueness of each store.

Passing in front of the ramen shop, an appetizing delicious smell is so inviting, you are likely to be tempted, but for vegetarians, the biggest issue with ramen is that meat, bones and seafood are used in soups. Furthermore, one of the most popular toppings chashu, is also meat, usually type of braised pork.

Ramen for vegetarians

So, do vegetarians just have to pass in front of the ramen shop without ever knowing delicious taste of hot ramen dish?

Not at all!

Recently, more and more ramen shops are using vegetable based soups suitable for vegetarian and vegan. In addition, the number of shops offering ramen using gluten-free rice flour noodles is gradually increasing as well.

Shops will be using separate pots for normal ramen soup and the vegetarian and vegan soup, to avoid mixing.

Try exploring ramen shops which will offer variety of tastes, from light to rich, you will surely find your favorite one. It will surely become one of the good memories of traveling in Japan.