Choosing different peelers makes difference in taste and texture? Tips from Kai Corporation, how to choose & use peelers

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Hello, this is Manpuku Veggie Editorial Team.

Do you use peelers?

Peelers are known as tools for peeling vegetable skins, using a peeler allows you to prepare vegetables easily without using a knife or cutting board. It can save your time in cooking and even emphasize the flavour of vegetables. There are various types of peelers, from affordable options to crafted ones, those specialized for specific vegetables, and even those with stylish designs.

We interviewed Kai Corporation, the manufacturer that offers the largest variety of peelers in Japan, to learn about the history and benefits of peelers and tips for choosing the right one for you.

Let's explore the fascinating world of peelers together.

Peelers became more famous as the expansion of supermarkets and Western foods culture


Peelers were first found in Switzerland back in 1947. Peelers were first called "kawahiki" ("Skin-peel") in Japan when developed more in late 1960s.



The 1960s was a period of significant change in Japanese cuisine. In 1963, curry cubes appeared for the first time. The spread of Western food culture and fresh vegetables salad started sinking in as an usual dish to everyone. Peelers might have gained more attention as tools for quickly peeling vegetables like potatoes and carrots to save preparation time.

The "Kai Kitchen" series by Kai Corporation started being sold in stores with the changing lifestyle trends, and the "Kawahiki" ("skin-peel") peeler was also introduced in the late 1960s. This era was the expansion of large-scale supermarkets in Japan, and it was a time when cooking utensils began to be more displayed in stores. The "Kawahiki" peeler was sold hanging on stands alongside ladles and other items.


"Kawahiki" back then looks similar to what the peelers looks like now, with the shape of T. The flower design peeler is very rare in nowadays which is not so familiar with us.

Kai Corporation kept growing and improving as a company developing more than 70 types of peelers as the needs of customers, foods trends, and style of kitchen has been changing by the era.



Good peelers make change in taste and texture!


One of the major features of Kai Corporation's peelers is their exceptional sharpness. Our editorial team tried the "SELECT100® T-Type Peeler," once you place the peeler on a vegetable and start moving it, it peels off the skin exceptionally smoothly. We have never experienced the smooth peeling such as this one before. The surface of the cucumber was smooth and shiny after peeling.


Why is sharpness so important for the peelers?

The cross-section of ingredients that have been peeled or cut with a sharp blade appears smooth, ingredients cut with a dull blade tend to have uneven edges. In the case of vegetables, cutting them while avoiding the risk of damaging the fibers allows you to retain the flavour, moisture, and nutrients.
It is recommended to use kitchen tools with the sharpest blades possible to ensure effective cooking without losing these essential qualities.

To enhance the tasteness of vegetables starts from how to cut the vegetables.


The texture changes by using good quality peelers.

For example, to slice the vegetables and add them to salads or simmer in pots might help your family who does not like vegetables eat them easily.



This one is for you! From beginner to cooking lover

Kai Corporation currently performs more than 70 types of peelers. How do we pick the right one for you?
We will introduce you some typical peelers that changes by shapes, needs of your lifestyle, and occasion.


<First step, with this one! For those vegetables beginners... >

SELECT100® T-Type Peeler (1,430 yen, tax included)




SELECT100® T-Type Peeler is the most purchased peeler in Kai Corporation. T-shaped peeler is a perfect match for beginners and for everyone, easily fits to most vegetables.

The features of Kai Corporation's T-Type Peeler are the smooth sensation as it glides across the surface of vegetables and its sharpness. The blade is slightly wavy, making it easier to achieve a "clean separation" when cutting through ingredients. Particularily made wavy handle was invented based on ergonomics, tested many times by the expert of cooking.

Look carefully on the side of blade. This is the part where you can take off potato eyes. The hole on potch makes it easier to remove the potato eyes. Stainless steel makes easily maintenance the peeler and keep it clean.



<Like a knife! To add more peeler for those cooking lover…>

SELECT100® I-Type Peeler (1,430 yen, tax included)



The I-Type Peeler is a useful tool that you might want to have in addition to the T-Type Peeler. It might not be very familiar in Japan, however it's commonly used in Western countries. Key feature is that it offers the sensation of almost peeling with a knife. It's particularly well-suited for peeling round items like apples.


You might find it difficult to peel the small or round shaped vegetables with T-Type Peeler. I-Type Peeler helps you peel the small vegetables with a sensation of cutting with a fruit knife.



<For easy shredded cabbages! To save your cooking time...>

SELECT100® Wide Peeler (2,200 yen, tax included)



A peeler with wide blade about 16 centimeters. This peeler is particularily used for shredded cabbage, can be used for slicing Japanese white raddish to long-thin slices and for slicing or cutting large surface vegetables. It can save your cooking time with big-wide blade.



You need a specific skill to make perfect shredded cabbage with a knife. While anyone can easily make finely thin pieces, nice and soft shredded cabbage with this wide Peeler.

Within the editorial team, we actually tried shredding cabbage and were amazed by the results. By placing the peeler on the cross-section of the cabbage and moving our hands, we could make finely shredded pieces. The presence of air within the shreds was visually evident, and we noticed a texture that was both exceptionally tender and there were not any unwanted toughness. We were genuinely impressed by the result as what you'd get at a restaurant.



<For your kids! If you want a safe peelers...>

Palm Cabbage Peeler (878 yen, tax included)



New type of peeler with unfamiliar shaped clear glove. You can easily make finely shredded cabbage and other vegetables by putting your finger on green-hook, and moving your hand across the vegetables.



There is a smaller type and can easily peel off the potato skins and other smaller vegetables. This is well-used when children helping cooking.



<For your needs! Specialied type of peeler…>

Broad Beans Easy Squash Peeler (1,045 yen, tax included)



This Peeler was specially invented by the needs of customer "it is difficult to peel the skin of squash because it's solid". You can reduce the risk of hurting yourself from peeler, if you have one like this Specialized-Type of Peeler.


The shape is flexible like a beak, and there is a claw on the opposite side of the blade. By pressing this against the squash and moving it in a biting motion, the skin can be easily peeled off. While it's named asquash peeler, it's also capable of peeling apples, potatoes, and even slippery taro potatoes.

Kai Corporation provides more of Specialized-Type of Peelers, for tomatoes, corns, crabs and even for chestnuts.



3 Tips for maintenance and safety

Peelers are the supporting role of vegetable preparation. Whether you've been somewhat hesitant to use one or have been unconsciously using one, you can't even remember when you bought, now is the time to re-evaluate! That's the conclusion reached by the Manpuku Veggie Editorial Team. They are convenient to use, keep in mind that just like knives, peelers are also "sharp tools."

So, if you're looking to make them your daily kitchen buddy, don't forget about the little tricks and techniques.


  1. Be careful on the position of hand, fingers and the flow of blade

    Peelers are cooking utensils that most people can handle easily. However, using them incorrectly could lead to potential finger injuries from the blade.
    For example, with a T-Type Peeler, it's recommended to start by placing the ingredient on a cutting board until you become familiar with it. Pay careful attention to the proper positioning of the peeler and the ingredient, so it doesn't accidentally come into contact with your hand or fingers.

  2. Dull blade peelers are dangerous

    Dull blade can increase the risk of accidents. It's crucial to choose ones with good sharpness for your safety. Blades wear out over by using it daily. While there are peelers with replaceable blades, if yours is not available for replacement, consider getting a new one. It might not be immediately noticeable when you use it daily, but if the blade doesn't glide smoothly or if it slips without peeling, it might be the time to consider a replacement.

  3. Wash and leave it dry at usual peeler place

    Most of Kai Corporation's peelers are dishwashable, making daily maintenance easy for you. If you choose to hand wash, it's recommended to quickly wash them with dish soap and a sponge before they get mixed with oily dishes like frying pans. Dry them with a cloth and store them in a dry place. As they are sharp tools, designate a specific spot for them. Since they're used at the beginning of the cooking process, it's a good idea to keep them easily accessible in your kitchen.


The world of peelers has evolved to offer a wide range of shapes and functional products. By having a variety of peelers in your kitchen, perhaps one or even two, you can significantly speed up vegetable preparation and enhance the flavours of your dishes. It's a world full of advantages.


It is important to note that the level of sharpness and sensation of handle is to be chosen by each of you. It might be an option for you to just pick the highly rated-peeler to start with if you are not looking for the specific features.

Let's find a right one for you for tasty vegetables experience?


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